Does TriviaRat cost anything?

The basic plan is 100% free and always will be. It will allow you to have up to ten teams (players) and access to all standard functionality. You can host a fully functioning trivia night for free. There is a $15/mo fee for upgrading to the pro plan. This will allow you to have unlimited teams, custom branding and room codes, and several other features.

Do I have to pre-enter questions?

No. You can, but you don't have to. TriviaRat is light-weight and allows you to start hosting literally within seconds. You can read your questions from any source you'd like and simply use TriviaRat to allow teams to sign up, accept their responses, and auto-update the scoreboard.

Is there a TriviaRat App for the iPhone/Android?

No. TriviaRat is known for it's accessibility and lightweight design. In most cases, it's inconvenient or too much to ask, to have the players download and install an app to play along. TriviaRat will have them connected, with their team name and ready to answer in seconds.

Do I have to come up with the questions?

No. You can if you want, but we also offer access to OpenTB, a massive database of trivia questions. With "automatic" mode enabled, you will be fed questions during the hosting phase, and the corresponding answers during the marking phase.

What are the 3 game modes?

Classic, Pre-Entered and Automatic: Classic requires zero setup time, just click game on and you're off to the races. You'll have the questions prepared somewhere else, or even off the top of your head. Pre-entered will allow you to pre-enter the questions, as well as create multiple rounds ahead of time. The scores will stay in tact as you switch between rounds. Automatic mode means that our pre-written questions will be provided for you as you host. This means zero set-up time and zero prep-time.