How to Play!

Welcome to the official TriviaRat guide! Let's get one thing straight, you're here because you're hosting trivia. If you're looking to PLAY trivia, then you've gone too far...turn around and head back (by that I mean ask your trivia host for directions). Or if you are a host, login here. Now that the players are where they should be, lets start...

Make sure your players have your unique TriviaRat link, code or QR code. The link will look something like this: Once they load this up on their phone (or any device), they can create their team or individual player name. See below.
If you're using classic mode, you're ready to go! Begin announcing your questions! Players will navigate from one question to the next themselves.

As they are responding, you will see the names of the players that have submitted, for each question. You will also see a progress bar that indicates the percentage of the crowd that has submitted for that question. For example: if you have 10 players, and 7 of them have submitted for question 1, you will see the progress bar at 70% for that question. Our goal here is to encourage the classic trivia night style. Players can go back and modify previous responses as they would with paper and pen (as long as you are still in the "Game On" state).
When you're finished the round (or the game). Hit "stop" then "Mark". Don't worry this process is much quicker than you might think. The responses are grouped by similarity and ordered by most popular and you only need to click on the correct answers -- just ignore the wrong ones and click the right arrow to move on to the next question. The scoreboard will automatically update the corresponding teams in real-time.
After you've finished marking, hit Stop again and you're back to the scoreboard. The scores are already updated and ordered by rank! At this point you can simply end the game or start a new round. Starting a new round will not clear the scores. You can also award a "trophy" if you want to keep a permanent record of winners. (players that join with the same name will earn trophies towards that name). Feel free to go back into marking and make adjustments, or make manual adjustments to the score using the plus/minus buttons.